Think Hair Extensions aren’t for you? Think again! Hair extensions are great for all hair types and all life styles.

Hair Extensions are perfect for thinning hair, filling in those sides that never seem to grow, adding some extra fullness or some extra length or both.

Always wanted to add some fun highlights but didn’t want to commit to coloring your own hair? Hair extensions are just perfect for adding some fun.

Our 100% human Remy Hair extensions come in 42 shades and can be colored for the perfect match.

What does Remy hair mean? Remy hair is the best quality human hair extensions you can buy. This meaning the cuticle of the hair is all going in the same direction. This creates softer and more manageable hair.

We have spent a lot of time perfecting our craft and have become Master Certified in all types of hair extension.

We offer a variety of techniques, through a thorough consultation we will determine what type of extensions best suit your needs and lifestyle.

Micro-bond- A newer technique especially great for male and female pattern baldness. Micro-bonds typically last about 4-6 weeks.  Because these bonds are so small, they almost always do not require any removal and naturally shed out of the hair.

Fusion – Fusions are by far the best choice for longevity, comfort and movement.  A heated tool is used to attach the keratin tipped strand to a small section of your natural hair. We can put as little or as many fusions as we want based on what your desires are with your hair, whether it’s for fullness, color or length. With proper maintenance fusion extensions can last up to 3-4 months.

I-Tip – I-tips are very similar to fusion except instead of using a keratin bond to attach the strand of hair we use a microbead. I-tips can be a bit heavier on the hair, so we do not recommend them for someone with finer hair. I-Tips typically last 2-3 months with proper home care.

Tape-ins- Tape-ins are small sections of your hair “sandwiched” between two flat pieces of extension hair with a special adhesive. Tape-ins are great for anyone that wants quick, fun, cost effective hair. Tape-ins can typically last up to 6-8 weeks and the hair can be re-used with proper at home maintenance.

Extention removal

$80 & up


$8.00 per strand


$150 & up per install


$75 per bag to install

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Pricing does not include the cost of the hair

Hair cost per bag can go from $100-$300 depending on length and color.

Additional costs – Tape, microbeads, extension brush, dry shampoo, shampoo & conditioner, Haircut, color, toner, conditioning treatment


Micro-bonds -1-2 bags

Fusion & I-tip- 1-2 bags for fullness, 5-10 bags for length

Tape -ins- 1-2 bags for volume, 6-8 packs for length


Removal- $80 & up

The amount of hair needed varies per client

A thorough consultation is always complimentary and is required before any hair extension service is performed.