Updated - September 12, 2020

When you are heading out for your appointment we would really appreciate it if you would keep the safety of yourself and our salon family in mind before coming in for your appointment.  We want you to feel as safe as possible when you are in the salon and our hope is that you will do the same for us.
Reasons to reschedule your appointment:
If you or someone you have been  in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

If you are caring for someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus and you are awaiting test results.

If you have a fever

If you have been around someone who has been sick even if it’s a cold, we would appreciate it if you would reschedule your appointment.

If you have any symptoms of coughing, fever or shortness of breath. 
Please follow these necessary steps when you are coming in for your service. 
Our goal is to keep the contact in the salon at a minimum to keep everyone safe & heathy. Every decision and safety measure we have taken is based on the guidelines given to us by the governor and some were taken because this is what we feel is safe for you as a guest and our salon family right now as we are in this phase of reopening.
- You must bring and have a mask on to enter the building  
- You must keep your mask on at ALL times
- You must come to your appointment alone. (no children or any other person will be allowed in the salon with you) 
- The door of the salon will be kept locked. Please call the salon upon arrival, stay in your car, the front desk will let you know when we are ready for you to come in. 
- Upon entering the building, you will  be brought to our sanitation station to sanitize your hands and sign a waiver.

After hand sanitation Dana will take you directly to your stylists’ chair.
Our retail area and bench seating will be closed. If you do need retail products Dana will pull them for you and have them ready for you at the front desk when you check out.

For the safety of everyone and to limit contact in the salon please do not touch the products. At this time, we will not be accepting any returns or exchanges on any products.
 No food, drinks, large purses or bags or computers are allowed in the salon.
We are taking all methods of payment, credit, debit, cash & checks.
We are encouraging touch-less payments and encouraging cashless gratuities done through Venmo

All of the service providers will have Venmo available for gratuities. If you are not familiar with Venmo you can download the App and follow directions and sign up for free. There is no fee for Venmo, the gratuities for your service provider will be deposited directly into their bank account. Dana will have all of the service providers Venmo information available for you. 

If you do have to leave cash or a check (made out to your service provider) for gratuity Dana will provide you with an envelope. Please place the cash or the check in the envelope provided to you, do not seal it, place it on the counter and Dana will make sure it gets to your service provider.

All receipts will be emailed directly to you with zero signing. Please make sure your email address is up to date. 
When you are finished cashing out and rebooking your next appointment (which we highly recommend) Dana will escort you to the front door and see you out.
Things we will be doing and will have done to take extra precaution 
- Installing touchless soap dispensers
- Installing touchless paper towels in the bathroom Sanitizer & cleaner on every station   
- Each station will be equipped with a tool sanitizer and a comb sanitizer that will be changed daily.- 
- We will have masks, gloves,smocks and protective eyewear on at all times when on the floor of the salon.
- We have added an extra 15 minutes between each client to thoroughly sanitize each station.  


 Our  online store is up & running to make purchasing from us easy, convenient and safe.
 Services we will not be offering as of right now. 
Keratin straightening treatments
Brazilian Blowout

Manicures, Shellac Manicures ( We are still offering pedicures)
The decision to put these services on hold for right now is based  on avoiding extensive time needed to spend with each person.
 As much as we tried to avoid a price increase and waited 4 weeks to see how our numbers would be with the new guidelines and new distancing measures we had to put in place we had no choice but to adjust our prices.  Most service prices were adjusted anywhere from $2 - $5 dollars. With the new restrictions and guidelines upon reopening we knew this would be something we would have to do.  

To keep everyone in mind when we are pricing services we created a level system to help you work within your budget. 
If you'd like to find a stylist that's in your budget feel free to email the salon or call the front desk and Dana can help recommend a service provider.

We work as one big happy family and our goal is for your happiness so please don't hesitate to change your stylists. We encourage change and we are all here for the success of each other and the salon.

I would like you to also keep in mind If do we need extra color for additional regrowth or length there will be an added charge of $20.00 for every extra bowl of color needed. This is not a new charge for us we have always had this charge in place. 

If you have colored your hair on your own with a box color or any other color we will need to have a virtual consultation with you before your appointment to determine the services needed and the cost of the services needed.

We want to thank you in advance for following all of this new normal.

Thank you for keeping our Salon family safe, yourself safe and all of the other guests coming into the salon safe. 

Thank you,
Kim Russell